Many women don’t know they’re pregnant until they miss their period. And some women still don’t know because they have a period. But most women see a doctor or midwife by the time they are 10 weeks pregnant.

Depending on which professional you choose, you will need to take some items with you. You will need your health history and your family’s health history. They will ask you when your last period occurred, so they can deteremine your due date. Now, most babies are born either two weeks before the date or two weeks after the date. If you have been any problems, if your periods were regular, how long they lasted and are you currently having any gynecological problems (such as sexually transmitted diseases). They will also want to know about any previous pregnancies.

In addition, they will want to know about any chronic problems, drug allergies, prescription drugs, over the counter medications, psychiatric problems, surgeries or previous hospitalizations. They will also inquire about alcohol, smoking or drug use.

They will want to know about any illnesses, diseases or problems in both yours and your husband’s families. They will want to know about problems such as diabetes, depression, or genetic disorders

The next step will be a number of tests. There will be a blood test to confirm you are pregnant, check your blood type, your antibody and immunity levels, and you may be offered and HIV test. There will be a urine test to check for urinary tract infections and for sugar and proteins (signs of diabetes).

If you are over 35, they may refer you for genetic testing. These tests are conducted to assess your baby’s risk for genetic disorders.

You will then have a physical exam. Your height and weight will be registered, your blood pressure will be checked as well as your limbs for varicose veins and swelling. In addition, there will be an internal pelvic exam and pap smear done to check for any infections and cervical cancer.

After all the tests, they will talk to about what to expect as far as weight gain, what to eat and what not to eat, how to deal with the discomforts of early pregnancy and what will happen at the next visit.

Be sure to ask all questions you may have about pregnancy, exercise, or problems that might come up. Always be honest and open with your doctor or midwife so that your baby (and you) will be healthy throughout the pregnancy.

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