The majority of citizens would settle that receiving a decent transaction is significant, as long as that nice transaction doesn't turn into lemon. This can be the issue when getting bids for painting services. You might think about using the services of some house painters that comes in with the lowest offer for your home painting job. What you must really do is keep away from that contractor. To make sure you are getting the finest transaction, from a certified contractor, take into account the following items.

What will you acquire from the agreement?

Generally talking all the bids you get ought to be in close proximity to one another. If a contractor makes a offer to you that is notably lower than the others you ought to be suspicious. Look, the price of tools, material and workers will not differ radically. For a contractor to offer notably cheaper you have to ask yourself where are they cutting corners. Recall the old motto that you obtain what you pay for.


A painting contractor must hold insurance, sufficient insurance to cover the home that he is working on as well as the personnel that are working with him. This insurance is not inexpensive, the premiums are high because contractors work is considered high risk. For contractors to offer extremely small contracts just to underbid their competitors, often they will opt to not carry insurance. If the contractor is not carrying insurance, they can place you holding the bag should something go wrong, such as a worker receiving injury or if the job is not made appropriately.


It is also significant to know who is going to be in your house painting. A inexpensive offer might also mean inexpensive labor. If the contractor is underbidding everyone else, they can't afford to pay professional labor. This could be day workers or illegal immigrants. This type of labor is frequently not covered by workermans comp, which again leaves you paying the bill should they become wounded.


You never desire to have home painting finished without a written warranty, but when the proposal is low, you have to wonder how they will cover the cost of any warranty. low ball offers are probably barely covering expenses? in the first place and if they have to come back and repaint your house?, they are going to be in a hurry.

You need to find out what type of warranty they propose and what exactly does that warranty. The industry average for a painting warranty is five years, if they are giving you the five year warranty take the time to interpret closely what their warranty covers. Never assume that just because you are getting the standard five year warranty it will cover all that a quality 5 year warranty should cover.

How Long Have They Been In industry?

You must always confirm how long a contractor has been in the industry. Just because a contractor has been in industry for 2 years doesn't mean that they're not as qualified as the contractor that has been in business for 20 years, everybody has to start someplace. What you want to make certain is that you are not dealing with a contractor that moves around a lot, which can be an attempt to skip out on honoring warranties. The specialists recommend merely using the services of contractors that have been in the area for 10 years and that can provide a list of 25 satisfied customers.

The Real Cost

So the bid is $500 less than everyone else, but the contractor is asking you for a deposit. This could be because the contractor does not have sufficient resources to buy the supplies that are needed to begin your work. Deposits are not business standards. Contractors ought to have the funds in their business to cover buying paint and supplies for the work. Asking for one can be a sign that they need money and may possibly run out on you once they obtain the deposite. If you are taking into account using the services of this contractor you may want to propose to acquire the supplies for them to begin with in lieu of the deposit.

In Conclusion

Home painting contractors can reduce a lot of time and money while making your house look fabulous. However, when a contractor is bidding to do the job for subpar wages you should be a bit concerned. This is an significant decision and a poor house painting project is something you may have to live with for a very long time.

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