Did you hear your colleague talking the other day about the cellulite treatment he underwent? Well, these treatments are becoming very po[censored] r as more and more people are going for them. However, what exactly is cellulite? It is basically a fancy name given to the fat that pushes against the connective tissues under your skin - its scientific name is adiposis edematosa. It is a lumpy m[censored] that looks more or less like cottage cheese. It is generally found on the thigh, butt and the stomach. If you pinch your upper thigh and it looks lumpy then you most probably have it. It is seen more in women compared to men.

So, what will you do if you have cellulite? The most obvious answer is you will have to look for a good cellulite treatment. However, before you start treating adiposis edematosa you will need to understand what actually causes it. This will give you an upper hand when it comes to treatment.

• Hormonal Factors - Insulin, estrogen, thyroid hormones, noradrenalin and prolactin are responsible for it.

• Diet - Too much fat, sugar and carbohydrate can cause adiposis edematosa.

• Genetics - There are certain genes that are predisposed to the development of adiposis edematosa.

• Lifestyle Factors - Sedentary lifestyle, alcohol and cigarettes are also responsible for it.

• Clothing - Tight underwear may cause the development of adiposis edematosa.

Home Remedy

Now that you know about the causes of cellulite you will need to gather knowledge about how to treat it. The best place to start cellulite treatment is at home. Daily massage can go a long way in helping you. You can use a soft bristled brush to massage the affected area for about 10 minutes everyday. If you want faster results, try caffeine. Take grounded caffeinated coffee into the shower and massage it in circular motion on the affected area. A proper diet can also treat adiposis edematosa effectively.


If you want a really effective cellulite treatment try exercising. It has been proven that some of the exercises go a long way in treating cellulite. So, which are the exercises you can try out?

• Anaerobic exercise - They are your best bet in treating adiposis edematosa. It metabolizes the stored fat and converts it into muscles. These exercises concentrate on your hips, buttocks and thigh.

• Cardiovascular exercise - These are directed to those parts of your body that get affected by adiposis edematosa. It will make you perspire and lose the stored up fat.

Modern Treatment

What is your next option if a good diet and exercise regime does not help you get rid of the cellulite effectively? The answer is you can try the modern cellulite treatment. So, what are the treatments that are available?

• Cellulite Surgery - This is the very last option and involves physically cutting away the stored up fat.

• Body Wrapping - This eliminates the fat that is stored in your hips, thighs and buttocks and waist. This involves a procedure where the water is extracted through sweating. It is a temporary method and the water returns due to eating and drinking.

• Electric Muscle Stimulation - Two muscle stimulators are used. The first transmit electric waves into the affected area and the other one is done with massage devices.

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