Not many people look forward to a visit to the dentist's office. The thought of getting any treatment done brings along with it fear. Patients fear pain. No matter how much their dentist assures them that the procedure will be as painless as possible, they still have the fear ingrained in them. It doesn't help that most dental instruments look sharp and scary. Another fear that patients have is of the bill!

Yes, you heard me right. It is a known fact that dentists earn well. Dental treatments are rather expensive owing to several factors like:

- Cost of dental material

varies according to the brand of the material. There are also several recent advances in materials that although have superior properties are priced higher.

- Cost involved in sterilization

Autoclaves do not come for free, you see. There are also other equipments required for proper sterilisation of instruments.

- Time consumed

Your dentist spends his valuable time to complete your treatment patiently.

- Laboratory costs

Crowns, dentures and some restorations are sent from the clinic to the laboratory where a technician fabricates it.

The high bill that patients incur after their treatment, is justified because they truly do not know or understand the work that goes into it. To a patient, the entire procedure appears simple. After all what is a filling? Drill the tooth, dump in some filling material and seal the tooth, right? Wrong! It is so much more work than that. Every step of every procedure is supposed to done a certain way and for a certain reason and that is why, the treatment ends up being a little heavy on the wallet.

Turkey is known for affordable dental treatment that is of great quality, as well.

Let us take a look at how much some of the popular dental treatments cost on an average in Turkey and in the UK.

1. Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is performed on teeth with decay that has extended upto the deepest portion of the tooth i.e. the pulp. The patient in such cases usually complains of severe pain. The objective of root canal treatment is to remove the caries or the decay, clean and shape the root canals of the teeth, irrigate the root canals with anti microbial irritants and finally, fill the root canals with a filling material which is usually gutta percha.

The cost of a root canal treatment starts from £110 in the UK while it starts from €90 in Turkey. Do the math! £110 is equivalent to around €130! The cost of a root canal treatment in the UK is more than that in Turkey by around €40. The cost increases with increase in number of root canals in a tooth.

2. Composite Inlay

Composite is a tooth colored filling material which is known for both its strength and esthetic properties. When decay invades a tooth to an extent that a conventional cavity cannot be prepared and the resulting cavity is wider than usual, the dentist can choose to for an inlay. An inlay is a custom made restoration for the tooth and is fabricated in the laboratory. One of the materials that can be used for an inlay is composite.

The cost of a composite inlay in the UK comes to approximately £300 while in Turkey, it will cost you €150. £300 is of the same value as €355! A composite inlay in the UK costs two times more than that in Turkey. Shocked? We expected this reaction of yours.

3. Extraction

Extraction is the removal of the affected tooth. It costs around £50 in the UK and €50 in Turkey.

The cost of dental treatments is thus priced higher than that in Turkey. The number of reasons to visit has now increased even more. Turkey, a popular holiday and party destination is one of the best places to visit when you have a tooth ache.

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