Latte has become one of the most popular coffee beverages nowadays. How does it happen? Coffee has created very interesting cultural phenomenon. We can compare coffee drinking habits nowadays with tea afternoons in Great Britain several centuries ago or maybe peace-pipe of Indians. Coffee gives people not only physical satisfaction but almost have symbolical meaning. Coffee is significant part of the most business meetings, parties or meetings of friends and very many other life situations when we use coffee as some kind of sticking material. However there are fairly many people who don't like bitter taste of coffee. That is the main reason why latte was created. Add to bitter coffee just a little milk and sugar and you get amazing beverage with sweet and smooth taste. There are little individuals who can resist to this coffee temptation.

What does name "latte" mean?

Name "latte" is just a nice name of coffee beverage with milk and sugar. All human beings like nice things and nice names. Why not to give a fancy name to coffee drink? But is it so easy – coffee, milk and sugar. Not at all! The milk has to be steamed and that is the amazing term what gives to latte that smooth and creamy taste.

How to prepare latte?

You need one or two shots (1 or 2 oz) of espresso. Usual proportion of latte is 1:2 parts of espresso and milk. That's mean that you have to pour in to your espresso two times more milk. Impose condition to prepare perfect latte - you have to pour steamed milk slowly into espresso and not the other way. Some people prefer instead of simple latte add syrups which are available in different taste range. As you see human mind is very creative.

What you need to prepare latte at home?

If you find out that latte is your favorite coffee beverage you would like to know how you can prepare it at home to avoid from walk to local coffee shop every time you would like to enjoy it. That is fairly simple. You need latte machine or in other words espresso maker with effective steam wand. There are incredibly wide offer in espresso makers' market for all kinds of wishes, needs and budget opportunities. There are rather simple espresso machines in very reasonable prices. You can find one even for $35. You have to agree that this is price everyone can afford. However if your demands to taste of your coffee, latte or espresso is fairly high you would have to legislate for several hundred dollars. But in case if you are fancy gadget fun and like to allow your appliances do everything for you there are huge amount of super automatic espresso makers which are created to make any kind of coffee beverages from just a push of button.

As you see creative human mind in modern society with all available technical appliances and creative opportunities have a tendency to improve everything even coffee beverages.

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