What is causing us to get overweight...It's not you...Here's why!

Did you know that there is no possible way to get proper nutrition from the food we eat? Back when we used to grow our own food, such as gardens, we could get all the nutrients our body needed just from eating! Our food was super nutritious, full of flavor and wasn't addicting!

Gardening was used for growing your own fruits and vegetables. It is very time consuming and required back breaking labor, but very well worth it. I remember going out and grabbing myself a freshly grown tomato, and eating it like an apple. So juicy, red and delicious! Fresh peas, green beans, corn, lettuce, squash etc. mmm...so good! But who has time? With the fast lifestyle we all have, growing a garden just can't happen. So what's our only option? Buying from a grocery store: Exactly.

By buying all our food from the grocery store, our food has been stuffed with preservatives, chemicals, and pesticides. This isn't the worse part. Our food literally has no nutritional value what's so ever.

Without nutritional food, your body is affected in many ways...Here's why we get fat!

Over the years, our food has been chemically altered with harsh chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives. We are told that the chemicals producers use are not harmful, and are used only to make our food products last longer. This is not true!

If you didn't know, our government controls the food, weight loss and pharmaceutical industries. This is not something that is known by many people. It's one of the biggest money making industries in the world.

When you buy your food from the super market, you are eating food that has been chemically formulated to cause us a great deal of problems. The food industries are controlling our po[censored] tion by making our food addicting and non-nutritious. By doing this, they can, not only make more profit off of us, but make you fatter.

If your body doesn't get proper nutrition from our food, it will cause us to get overweight, have high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc. This is where the weight loss and pharmaceutical industries make there chunk of the pie. If all of us are getting fat and health problems from food, how are we supposed to survive? The government doesn't care. Well I shouldn't say they don't care...They were nice enough to make all these so called solutions to lose weight. How nice of them!

I am here to tell you, each and every weight loss product on the shelf at Wal-mart, or any other store, is junk. Remember, it's made by the same industries that are food is made from. Chemically formulated to make us lose weight right? Nope. All these pills are made to be addicting, life threatening, useless, and not nutritious. Have you ever noticed, what happens when you stop taking them? You gain your weight back, plus some. Just what we need to be heavier. The reason they do this is so we keep buying different solutions to lose weight and while doing so, they are making a lot of money. If they gave us something that worked, such as natural and nutritious products, they would go bankrupt.

Being overweight, can cause many health issues!

The sad thing is, that it's not only depressing to be heavy, but we get a lot of health problems that are caused by being obese or overweight. This is something that is formulated to happen. In the chemicals that are in the food we eat, there are formulations that cause us to become diabetic, have high blood pressure, cholesterol, pain, obesity, etc. for a reason.

The Pharmaceutical industries already have a drug to prevent problems that we don't yet even know about. These industries, food, weight loss and pharmaceutical, are always figuring out ways to make more money. The way they do this, is giving us food to make us heavy and have health problems. Then they turn around and tell us, that the only way to get rid of these problems is to cover them up with medications. Medications that cause us even more problems! The side effects are enough to kill us alone.

How to get the proper nutrition we need to end our battles forever?

The only way to get proper nutrition, is from a natural source. You have to take natural supplements and products to balance out your body. Now don't just go out and by anything natural you can find. There are proper products and products that say they are natural, but are not! You have to be very careful.

Our bodies need 4 main ingredients to survive!


Protein is an essential nutrient needed for growth; repair of body tissue, and to maintain your immune function. If you don't get enough protein, you could possibly get slow recovery from sickness and it could increase infections during illnesses, surgeries, chemo, etc. Your need protein often increases. For instance, if you are battling cancer, your body may need as much as 50 percent more protein than someone who isn't receiving chemo or radiation. Protein is needed to heal healthy tissues, and to help prevent infection.

Carbohydrates and fats

Carbohydrates and fats are the body's major energy sources. Depending upon a person's age, size, and level of activity, the more calorie's our bodies demand. Having enough calories is super important for infants, children, and adolescents to promote proper growth and development.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals (proper nutrition) serve many important functions in the body. You need this for proper growth and development, and to help your body use the energy in food. Usually, enough vitamins and minerals can be obtained if you eat a balanced diet, and if you are getting enough calories and protein. With our food now days, it's almost impossible to get the proper nutrition we need. So we have to take natural supplements.


Your body cannot survive without water. Here are some reasons why it's so important to drink water.

Staying properly hydrated removes all the toxins that build up in you skin, and helps prevent it from drying out.

When you're properly hydrated, your blood is thinner and easier to pump.

Toxin build-up-removes toxins so you can lose weight.

Gets rid of waste which helps you function more effectively and feel better.

Keeps you hydrated

There are a ton of reasons why water is so important!

These 4 main ingredients make up proper nutrition. I am going to share with you, what your body is lacking and how to feed it the nutrients it needs, to get those unwanted pounds off! I have found a break through way of losing weight naturally, fast and safely. I have personally struggle my whole life with obesity. It's not fun. I really want to be able to show you how I personally lost 24 pounds, 18 inches and 2 pant sizes in the last 35 days! For real!

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