The Grand Canyon is a beautiful geographical gem that hosts travelers from all over the globe. You can observe the brilliance of the canyon in various ways, but most people would agree that a helicopter ride is one of the most enjoyable ones. Here's some information to help you find the Grand Canyon helicopter rides that best suit your needs.

Airplane rides have always been a huge hit with vacationers, but chopper flights have a larger po[censored] rity than they do. This is because helicopters can fly at a low altitude, which means that passengers get a real up close look at all of the beauty that the Grand Canyon has to offer, which is not possible with a regular plane ride. If you choose a canyon helicopter flight, I recommend you fly in an EcoStar or Bell helicopter. The EcoStar has plenty of space for you to move around in and the Bell has huge windows that give a better view of this pristine wilderness.

Just outside of Tusayan, Arizona you can get on South Rim chopper flights at the Grand Canyon National Park. Aboard this flight you will view the Zuni Corridor, Unka Delta and the Dragoon Corridor, which is known to be the lowest point of the canyon. You also have the option of riding a chopper to the East Rim and come back via the North Rim. South Rim helicopter flights typically give you 30 to 50 minutes of time in the air.

People who vacation in Las Vegas think that it is very convenient to get on a chopper and go to the West Rim. If you are in Vegas to conduct business or have fun, then you really should not p[censored] up this experience. Las Vegas West Rim helicopter rides have the advantage of being able to land on the canyon floor because Vegas is only 120 miles away from this rim of the canyon. You can also add passes to the fabulous Grand Canyon Skywalk to your West Rim tour package.

You will depart from airport locations such as Las Vegas and Boulder City for your helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon. Most of the tours will provide free shuttle service back and forth to the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Different Grand Canyon helicopter rides are offered by tour operators, so you'll be able to pick the one that best suits your needs and schedule.

A lot of vacationers prefer the chopper flights that will take you to the bottom of the canyon for enjoyable pleasures such as a light dinner complete with champagne. If you opt for another type of tour, then you might get to float down the Colorado River on a boat. And others enjoy the thrill of walking out over the canyon's edge on the Grand Canyon Skywalk. These flights also give you some breathtaking views of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam.

With a Grand Canyon helicopter ride, you get to see all of the wonderful attractions in a short period of time. The Grand Canyon could be called Grand because it is about 277 miles long and about the width of 18 miles. There is so much of it that you would have to see it by air, if you wanted to see it all.

Once you see the Grand Canyon, you will understand why Teddy Roosevelt turned it into a National Park and made the suggestion that each American needs to see it. Of course, millions of people from elsewhere in the world have also experienced its magnificent beauty. This is another reason why Grand Canyon helicopter trips are such a good idea. These rides have a strong po[censored] rity and will sell quickly over the summer months. You do not want to overlook these rides.

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