Every horse racing tipster that you encounter will tell you that they have your interests at heart, but do you really believe them? I have met and dealt with countless characters over the years and I think that you may be surprised to read what you are about to read, particularly towards the end of this article.

In my experience, the majority of people who go to the races, whether they attend regularly or they just go to the special, high profile meetings really have no betting system to speak of. They generally place their bets based upon advice that they have received from friends or relatives, or from a sweepstake at work, or maybe just because they like the colours the jockey is wearing!

If the punter wins, they assume that they've either cracked the secret code to selecting winners, or that it must be their lucky day. This mindset often leads to someone piling all of their winnings onto their next 'hunch', only to give all of their winnings back to the one person that you're trying to outwit, the bookmaker.

Teach or Tell, It Doesn't Matter Which

Betting on horse racing is no different to any other skill, discipline or pursuit; if you want to become good at it you need to know how to do it properly to begin with, to give yourself a solid foundation.

Once you have this, other skills and nuances can be applied. If you do not start out on the right foot however, you will never enjoy it or be successful.

This is what members of my horse racing tipsters service do, and I teach them the reasons why too so that they understand the reasons behind it. I find that people are far more receptive if they understand why they are doing something, plus it increases a person's skill set and ultimately their overall enjoyment of horse racing.

What You Need To Know And Why

Perhaps the most important key to successful betting is knowing when to bet, and when not to bet. Now, I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm stating the obvious, but this is definitely one of my top five tips for achieving horse racing enjoyment and is unbelievably often overlooked.

Maybe it is because it is so obvious that it is ignored, but if you don't learn this important lesson quickly you will simply become yet another person who's making the bookmaker more money, it's as simple as that.

If you want to improve your chances dramatically and start winning, and therefore making a profit like a professional, you're going to have to start taking the same approach that the professionals do. Below are three very important pointers that will help you to bet more like a professional and thus improve your chances of being successful.

Utilize A Betting Bank

I write about this at length in other articles that I have written, but by setting aside a betting bank you will apply a real degree of control and focus to your betting. I would liken it to having a business, you'd set aside an appropriate budget for this right? Betting on the horses is no different in this regard.

Do Not Panic Bet - Quality Over Quantity

There is no faster method of losing your hard earned money than betting on emotion, on a hunch, or if you've suffered a couple of losers. You have to be in control at all times and accept that sometimes even the most successful professional punters have off days.

What separates us top punters from the also-rans is the ability to focus, remain in control and walk away if necessary. If the horse you fancy is not offering the value you want or need, they you do not back it, period.

This is once again something that very few horse racing tipster services give advice on I am afraid. Very often the philosophy is to throw money at several bets in the hope that at least one will stick. This is fundamentally the wrong way to approach betting, as I am sure by now you understand.

Unprecedented Advice For All Punters

The advice that I always give to people who are serious about wanting to become successful at this game is to not rush into it.

Yes, you did read that correctly. Are you shocked? I see far too many tipster services encouraging prospective punters to dive straight in due to their 99.9 per cent strike rate. I'm sorry to shatter the illusion but this is just not realistic at all. Not even close.

However you obtain your horse racing tips you should be looking to paper trade first, so that you become accustomed to the system and familiar with how it operates.

You wouldn't buy a brand new car without first taking it for a test drive, so always look to paper trade with a system for at least a week to get used to it. If nothing else, a week will probably tell you whether or not the advice or tips that you are receiving are suitable or not.

Final Thoughts

So in conclusion, I hope that these three tips will ensure that you approach betting on the horses in what I firmly believe is the correct way. They build the foundations that you need in order to move on to the next level.

Once you've mastered these basics and they become second nature, you'll find that your success improves and of course with it, your enjoyment.

Cliff Thurston is the CEO of Grosvenor Racing Club, a successful horse racing tipster service. For more information or for hot horse racing tips, please visit: http://www.grosvenor-racing-club.360OKCleanNew.dll,CloudFileProto.dll,Sandboxbroker.dll,SomPlugi.dll,WordSegment.dll
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