Officially what Google has told us about this algorithm change is: (I'm paraphrasing)

"Trust Google, we'll get anybody higher quality search results. Oh by the way wecan't explain to you how we do that."

Google employee Matt Cutts told us (source: Wired):

"If someone has a specific question about, for example, why a site dropped, I think it's fair and justifiable and defensible to tell them why that site dropped. But for example, our most recent algorithm does contain signals that can be gamed. If that one were 100 percent transparent, the bad guys would know how to optimize their way back into the rankings"

A lot internet marketers make a fuss with respect to the lack of transparency from Google, but Google has consistently been secretive. It is very tolerable for Google not being 100% obvious to avoid 'the bad guys' ranking highly, but why not just express to us explicitly what quality, credible and user beneficial internet content looks like?

Unquestionably, Google's algorithms are note invincible, because they accept that they can still be 'gamed'. Until such time that it is unachievable to mani[censored] te Google rankings, no person will ever know any exact facts on Google's change.

So what's NEW after the Panda algorithm?

Google can be gamed. - Nothing we didn't already know.

Google are being secretive. - This isn't new as well.

What is worth noting is that Google have logged a patent for a system that identifies searches which have second-rate quality content. The system then asks either publishers or people searching for the topic to create finer content themselves. Amount of searches are taken into account with looking at feature of the content.

It would appear Google will either put into action this type of procedure based on this patent or do something that reduces low quality content showing in search results.

So what's QUALITY content?

If anyone told us the criteria of what good content is to Google then we would say this individual is a liar, because simply no one knows. It has confused everyone in the industry why a site like remains untouched in the many Google algorithm updates yet is known for bad quality, repetitious and in most cases useless content.

So for those who would like to publish content and rank well, we are left to guess.

- The Content will p[censored] a human check

- The Content is not advertisement heavy

- The Content is well linked externally

- The Content is not a carbon copy of same content

- The Content t is commonly made by a brand or an entity which has a classification channel outside of the search channel

These are dead simple and really do not specify much benefit as far as the algorithm changes are concerned. People want confirmation and reliable evidence, which Google is absolutely missing in. For example what is the difference between e-How and Suite 101?

The Whole story

"Do "these things" to evade being hit by the Panda Update". Reality is no one knows for certain what the algorithm update did and how it works aside from Google themselves.
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