There is spirituality information that says God is separate from you and there is spirituality information that says God is one with you. For your spiritual growth let us pretend that you are building a house (the structure of your life) and the architect you are using is the God who is one with you.

In this little exercise we will observe what the process of building your life upon a foundation of oneness is like. This structure, this life, is going to be built on the foundation of oneness. We are going to use a belief system that says we are all one, we are one with everything that exists and we are one with God.

So, what are the characteristics of this foundation? What are the characteristics of this belief system? What makes this belief system different than a foundation built on separateness?

The core concept and foundational tool is that you, the builder, are in a partnership with your architect, God. You are not only in a partnership with the architect but you are also in a direct partnership with all of the suppliers of everything that is necessary to build the structure, the life, of your intentions and desires.

By working in such a close relationship with your architect and having all the tools and supplies that are necessary to build the structure of your life, you understand that there is no limit to how you can design and construct your life. The architect has given you free reign to design and construct the life that fits your intentions and desires. Your architect has told you to use our imagination and design a structure, a life, which will allow you to live in a manner that reflects who you choose to be.

This architect is flexible too, so if you want to change or remodel the structure of your life a little later down the road you have the ability to do that because, when you build on a foundation of oneness, you possess the tools to remodel your life at all times. You never lose any tools or abilities to change because you have access to the architect at any time. The architect is available 24/7. You call, she's there.

So the first basic difference we observe between the architects of these foundations is that the foundation, the belief, of separateness is a limited belief system. By building (living) within this belief system, you are limited by the idea that there are certain things you need, that you must have, in order to build the structure of your life to fulfill your desires. Because you are separate from the things you need, you can fail to get them and therefore cannot use them in the construction process.

The person building their structure using the foundation, the belief, that they are one with their architect, their source, sees that everything that is needed to build their structure, their life, is supplied by, and part of, the architects' warehouse of supplies and construction resources. This architect, this source, has everything that you will ever need to build the structure of your life right now, in the present moment, as well as down the road, when you want to remodel or upgrade your life.

It is a never-ending warehouse of materials, concepts and ideas specifically designed to fit whatever it is that you desire. And it is available to you 24/7, no matter where or who you are at any given moment.

This allows you, the builder, to pick out and choose the structure, the life, which fits your particular desires and intentions. You don't have to fit your life into any particular mold that was dreamed up by somebody else. There are no limits as to what you may desire the structure of your life to look like or what functions it must fulfill. Whatever it is that you desire, this architect can work with you to help you build it to your exact specifications. It's like she can read your mind. That's how close this relationship is between you, the builder, and your architect, the source of all you build.

You are not limited in any way as to what you want to build or how it functions because every need that is called for by your plans is available to you through your partnership with your architect, your source.

Can you see how this concept of being one with the source of your existence is serving you? Your source is available at all times to guide you and supply you with whatever it is that you desire to be, do or have. Connect with your source and use this guidance to create the structure of your life.

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