For many writers there is the idea that yes, you can write and make it a career to love, but really one thing that they forget is that while they are focused on writing they can, and do make mistakes.

Part of writing well really does mean to be good to yourself when you do make mistakes, or fall behind in what you envisioned your writing would be. Yes, dream and enjoy, love what you write. These two things are important in writing well: being able to forgive yourself and to love what you write anyways.

Then the question really becomes if there are a few rules for writing well, and they can be narrowed down to less than a few, why do we as writers look for more reasons to write well?

The simplest answer is that most people want to write and be successful and usually need more reasons than say five "big reasons" on the concept of writing well. Writing well is a personal definition, for example I can be writing well if I write say 1,000 words each day, whereas for someone else, that same concept would be to write and edit 500 words a day. It is all about personal success, something that makes a particular writer go "aha" will make another writer wonder what they are doing wrong in terms of writing. There is always something that helps a person, and that something is not the same for each writer.

What it really means is that each person has a choice and should make writing the thing that they are passionate about and something that they want to continue to do for as long as they can. It is helpful to have a few writing sites that writers can follow, but that is not needed if simply writing is a goal. A goal in writing is also personal so not everyone who writes may wan to have a blog, books and online articles.

They may simply want to write something for their friends and family. They may want to write that one novel which means everything to them. They may want to make a difference to others in as many ways as they can. They may want to simply finish those Christmas cards on time and with some joy.

Each writer should have goals and should love what they do. They need to be passionate and that will be the way that writers will be writing well. It is a personal journey and each writer has a end to this journey, but it is different for everyone. Knowing that your writing is unique and you can succeed will help. That is what writing well really means.

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