Wanting to get back with your former flame? Here’s a few tips on how to get your ex back!

1. Get pretty! Physical appearance really does matter. It’s the first thing people see and it’s what draws attention to any person. So the first step into winning your ex and having him/her running back to your arms is to physically build yourself for the better. For the men, this means probably going to the gym more often that you do. Work out the flab and get gorgeous abs. What girl can resist a beautifully sculptured six pack, anyway? And for the ladies, dress up nicely. Get your inner goddess out and shine with confidence like Kate Moss or Miranda Kerr. Getting pretty isn’t a phase that you should skip because looking good on the outside ultimately helps you feel good on the inside. So drop those holiday pounds and get the body that’s going to make your ex running back to you, with much drooling guaranteed.

2. Work on your personality! You and your former flame probably broke up because of things that may have concerned your personality and attitude. While it is true that you shouldn’t change for anyone but yourself, you should also grow into a better person when you’re in a relationship. Think about the reason why you broke up in the first place. Is it because you were always late when you had dinner dates? If it is so, then work on your tardiness. No one likes latecomers especially if it’s done consistently. Did you break up because you were so “protective” of your former partner that it already choked him/her? Then you probably have to work on being less insecure and more secured about yourself and the relationship you have. Work on the aspects of your personality that may have been a great factor in your break-up. This doesn’t only make you a better individual but it also proves that you’re mature enough to accept mistakes.

3. Talk to your ex, without the bickering and fighting. You don’t have to outright confess your still undying love for him/her, but you could maybe sit down and talk about the reasons why you broke up. It would be impossible to dive into another go in your relationship if you hadn’t figured out what went wrong. Talk to each other, not at each other. Resolve the unresolved issues. Say you’re sorry and ultimately, forgive each other. Apologies are created for a reason and if you want your second chance to work, then you need to start working on those former issues or else the happy ending you’ve envisioned will just never materialize.

4. Remind her of how good you used to be together. The best weapon you could use once you enter the battleground of love is to make use of the things you know about him/her. Knowledge is power and this is the perfect time that you put into actuality what you already know about your ex. Make him/her remember the food you ate when you first went out on a date or surprise him/her with his/her favorite Starbucks coffee. These little things that only you know should remind him/her how good you were together, concluding that maybe you two breaking up was a mistake after all.

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