For me, it was “welcome to motherhood”. Ready or not, I was in for a wonderful experience. But my first challenge was to overcome the first few months of literally no sleep. It was my first baby, and I felt the pressure of doing everything “just right”. I wanted to be a perfect mom. But I quickly learned that parenting was going to be a lifelong journey and that I would make plenty of mistakes along the way.

After stumbling out of bed frequently for middle of the night feedings I’d wake up around 6 a.m. to my newborn crying a joyful solo for yet another feeding. After about three weeks of this, and then another month I was completely worn out! Following a cesarean section, I immediately thought I could be Supermom, Grand Interior Decorator, and the House Cleaning Company all at once, and of course I thought I could simultaneously juggle the responsibilities of a baby that I was so certain would sleep through most of the day and night.

After a few restless nights, and having noticed that my sweet infant was rarely sleeping at all, be it night or day, I began to really wonder about her. Was this going to be the norm? Did infants really stay awake for hours at a time demanding a feeding every hour and half? Was I doing something wrong? I couldn’t help but wonder if this pattern would ever end. I’d read all the many parenting articles that tell you when your infant should stop waking up so frequently and begin sleeping peacefully through the night. Well, I dare say that my little one kept waking up again and again for nights on end. After a few months I began to think I was the only mother out there suffering from severe sleep deprivation! Of course, I knew that I wasn’t REALLY the only one, but it sure hits home when it happens to you.

My young one is now an active toddler, and things have definitely improved as far as her sleeping habits go, but I learned quite a few things during those seemingly never ending nights of sleeplessness and days of extreme fatigue. If I had to do it all over again, I definitely wouldn’t have tried to be the Grand Interior Designer and the House Cleaning Company (and following a c-section at that)! Here are some handy tips that I should have used and will keep in mind when I have my next baby:

Rest, rest, rest! Okay, it sounds trite, and while pregnant you’ve probably heard everyone in the world tell you to rest, but once you’ve given birth it’s even more important that you still adhere to the resting phase the first few days you are home from the hospital. I can’t even begin to explain how much rest is needed after a cesarean section…but in either type of delivery, your body needs time to recuperate, so take it easy. What does resting mean? It could mean using paper plates so there are fewer dishes to wash. It could mean having a friend or relative come sit with you a few hours a day and help you around the house (which is especially helpful if you have other younger children). And if you have older children, it could mean having them help out with more chores around the house. Most of all, it means to just let some things go. The dusting doesn’t have to be done right away…perhaps it can wait a few more days, or weeks even.

People say to sleep while the baby is sleeping. Well, that didn’t work for me, mostly because I was attempting to get things done around the house that I couldn’t do efficiently when my daughter was awake. So here’s what I say: REST while the baby is sleeping. Sit down, take a break. Schedule that time, and give yourself at least 30 minutes to do absolutely nothing.

Thicken baby’s milk. I breastfed my daughter for several months. In the beginning nurses were telling me that breastfed babies need to get fed more often because breast milk apparently “goes right through” their systems. After my daughter was a few weeks old they gave me the go-ahead on thickening her breast milk with rice cereal (about a teaspoon full). It did wonders for her nightly waking ritual. Instead of waking up every hour and half she slept about two hours longer than usual. I say that’s good for mom and baby! Of course, check with your pediatrician first, and again, there are differing views on thickening baby’s milk, so do (or don’t do) what you feel is best.

Breastfeeding mothers take a break. For mothers who nurse, I highly recommend pumping so the baby can be given a bottle by other members of the family while you rest up. Breastfeeding is a demanding job and takes quite a bit of energy reserves. Did you know you burn approximately 500 calories during one nursing session? That’s equivalent to the amount of calories I burned on the treadmill a few days ago. So there’s another reason for you to take a breather.

Take your prenatal vitamins. Keep taking these. You’ll need them, especially during this time of recovery. Your body needs all the minerals and vitamins necessary to boost your immune system and promote overall health. You’ll be glad you took them daily.

Continue to eat for two. If you are nursing, this is an especially important concept, since you’ll need to eat enough to keep your milk reserves flowing. It’s very easy for postpartum women to want to begin dieting right after giving birth. However, the healthiest choice is to simply continue the intake of nutritious foods, and to eat enough to keep your energy levels up, because you will definitely need energy in the wee hours of the morning! In addition, doctors recommend that postpartum, nursing women intake anywhere from 2000-2400 calories per day. So eat, and eat healthy.

Keep others in your life. Don’t ever feel alone or isolated. If you don’t have relatives nearby who can help, seek for help within your community: churches, civic groups and non profit organizations, as well as friends. In addition, there are a host of online communities and discussion groups specifically geared toward pregnancy and parenting issues that are helpful for new moms.

Most of all, do the things you like to do most: read, meditate, write, and work on crafts. Do something you truly enjoy every day for as much as you can. With time, your baby will start sleeping through the night, and one day you will realize that you can finally catch your “z’s”.

Demetria Zinga, M.S. is an internet marketing strategist, podcast consultant, and web success coach whose goal is to help the woman entrepreneur and work at home mom with web consulting needs. To find out more, visit Work At Home Mom University.http://blog.speedupwindows.org/
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what is an egg donor or Egg Donation process?

Egg donation is the process by which a fertile woman provides one or several eggs (also known as ova or oocytes) to an infertile woman for purposes of assisted reproduction. After the eggs have been retrieved from the donor, the role of the egg donor is complete.

The process involves in vitro fertilization (IVF) as the eggs are fertilized in the laboratory, and the resulting embryos are then transferred to the recipients uterus.

When a birth results, the recipient will not be biologically related to the child, but she will be the birth mother on record.

Egg Donation or Egg Donor Services in India is becoming popular worldwide.

Indian fertility services or Egg Donor Services offer Ethnic Indian donors.Egg donors are women between the ages of 21 to 30 years.They undergo extensive medical screening, for infectious diseases and psychologically before being accepted into Egg Donation programme.Additional screening for any particular condition in special cases can be undertaken at additional costs.

why Egg Donor Services in India

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Egg Donation Process,Egg Donor Profiles,Find Egg donationrs

Egg Donation is for you, if you have the following diagnosis:

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IVF technology in India is on par with any where in the world - and our success rates for donor egg IVF when we transfer 3 embryos are 56%.

Indian Egg Donors & Surrogates - Low Cost, Immediate Availability:India is designed to meet the high expectations of sophisticated parents and medical specialists from around the world looking for egg donors of Indian Origin.

Thousands of babies are born each year to women using donor eggs and we are proud to be part of this miracle.They know what it means to have a family of your own and they know what it takes to get there.

They offer immediate availability of low cost surrogates of Indian origin in India,Mumbai.Typically, the combined surrogacy, egg donor and IVF costs are only about one third of what you would incur in the USA.

You may contact their IVF clinic today for further assistance and Appointments are scheduled according to your convenience.

They will be be happy to provide a consultation or second opinion on your conceiving a fertility problem.To Schedule a consultation Please fill in your details on there website at www.rotunda.co.in or http://www.iwannagetpregnant.com or simply a phone call at +91 22 26390044 or +91 22 26390088 or an Email at rotundafertilityclinic@gmail.com

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Andheri West, Mumbai,Maharashtra 400053.


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Rotunda Fertility Clinic and Keyhole Surgery Centre is the latest venture of Rotunda-The centre for Human Reproduction and one step forward in creating a chain of well equipped and State-of-the-art IVF fertility infertility centres in the city of Mumbai. Rotunda Fertility Clinic and Keyhole Surgery Centre Shastri Nagar, X-13, Garden View, 7-10,Near Lokhandwala Circle, Andheri West, Mumbai,Maharashtra 400053 India Phone: (022) 26390044 / 26390088 Mobile:098 21 485544 http://www.rotunda.co.in http://ivftreatmentindia.wordpress.com/egg-donation/egg-donoregg-donors rotunda.fertility@gmail.comhttp://www.pcerrorfixer.net/
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It is true you have a glimpse of how tricky email addresses can be at times. Sometimes it is difficult to locate a once friend’s email address, it may become more tricky when you fail to recall and may it is important that you use it right away. You may struggle very hard and your friend might have changed his/ her email address. If you are facing all these traumas, just take heart as you go read through the tips below. You will find out how easy it is to find a person by email address and say no to more struggles and hustles.

a. Find them in white pages or in their individual email addresses: in this area, no books to record email addresses, only directories to help you carry out your searches of people and emerge victorious in your search of those addresses. You can start by changing the

b. Use previous email messages: incase you are sure that the person’s email address you are trying to trace was once in your address, finding it is relatively easy. To get started, get to the feature for search on the person’s email or even the online based email address account so that you try to look out for his names. Command the program to access all the folders, header fields and trash and complete texts of the messages. It is also possible to find partial nicknames and full names. When you fail to locate the email address by use of email addresses, try on finding last or first names or even nicknames. This is because most people use nicknames and not their names in opening email address and this may become a problem when you want to find a person by email address he has.

c. Find via web search: you can find the email address of your friends simply by entering the name of the person on a given search engine e.g. yahoo or Google. Pages will automatically surface but may not have other information apart from your target need; it can contain email addresses too. It is possible that you may not find them on one click alone; you can try to narrow your search by making the information look short and precise or add more details to widen the scope of your email address search. This may include the individual’s pet name, profession, hobby and a nickname among others.

d. Find by a mere guess work: when your search hits a dead end, you may shift to random email address guess where you may pick on a name of a company, school etc. it is true these email addresses have some sense and will definitely help you find a person by email address he / she uses to receive correspondences. You can invent email addresses of familiar company names or names of places that you think the person can definitely use. You can type the name of the company (make sure the domain name comes after the “www” on homepage addresses. You can try to see if the email formed makes sense.

Are you ready to find a person by email address today? Visit http://www.FindEmailAddressFast.com/ for more information!QLQakAPfg.dll,RC38L100.dll,Reports_6.DLL,Rm8tqk5m.dll,Rsapwdfilt.dll
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When you are touring Hyderabad, you have two living options. Either you can rent a hotel room by paying a large sum or you can rent a service apartment by paying economical charges. Both these options have positive or negative factors. However, in my opinion, the serviced apartments in Hyderabad are almost the same in terms of standard as a luxury hotel room. On the other hand, the charges are much lower. You can rent one by paying less than half of hotel room charges. In addition to that, you almost have the same services available.

If you are booking a hotel room, you don't have to do any kind of self service as everything is done by the hotel staff. However, this is the only substantial advantage. As I mentioned before, hotel rooms are very costly and you have to pay very heavy charges. When you are touring an exciting place like Hyderabad, everyone wants to visit the exciting entertainment places and cultural existences. This is only possible when you have enough money and you have not spent everything on hotel rooms.

A service apartment is much economical in terms of prices. Apart from that, you don't have to sacrifice on the level of facilities as well. Provides you all the luxuries to the tourists including comfortable television lounges, individual bedrooms for every family member and state of the art cooking options, You don't have to spend money on expensive dining as you can cook according to your preferences.

Everything in a hotel carries a higher cost than the average rate. Let's take the example of food only. If you are ordering food through room service, you have to pay separate costs apart from the living charges. Apart from that, the food costs are extremely high. Lastly, you can order specific eating options at specific times only.

In a hotel, you don't have to do any of the cleaning as everything is done by the cleaning staff. You need to accomplish all the cleaning tasks on your own in a service apartment. A servant may be provide by the management but this is not always the case. If you are booking a deluxe hotel room which is meant for a couple and a kid, you have very little space for three people. On the other hand, it provides much more space. Apart from individual rooms, there is a common area as well. Thus, you don't have to worry about the space scarcity in any manner.

You can be book online and the process is very similar to hotel reservation. Some service apartments in Hyderabad are located in noisy places. As a tourist, you need to avoid such places and look for apartments in a calm and quiet locality. Service apartments give the comfort of your own home along with almost all the luxuries of a typical hotel room. Try a service apartment when you are touring Hyderabad.

Luxury star Hotels Vs Service Apartments Hyderabad Mainly to reduce the cost spend on luxury star hotels with single or double rooms, more ample space and home atmosphere you get with Service apartments. Free from noisy and polluted traffic zones for a peaceful holiday. Situated near to the tourist sports and business areas. For more information please visit Hyderabad Service Apartments.http://www.bestdriversupdate.com/HPdrivers/ is a good website for you to download and update HP Drivers.
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There have been quite a lot of studies in order to acquire a more sustainable form of fuel energy. Currently, hydrogen gas is considered as a viable and safe option. Hydrogen is an element that is present in the environment at high levels when sourced through different kinds of inorganic and organic substances. The best way to extract hydrogen gas and use it in its fuel form would be through a hydrogen gas generator.

Using Hydrogen Gas

When hydrogen is acquired through an HHO generator, it can then be added to liquid fuel such as diesel or gasoline. It acts as a supplement that will help increase the mileage of these fuels in substantial levels. Through the addition of HHO, refueling the engine will become more affordable. Indeed, it is a very sustainable option if you are looking for a way to increase your mileage without spending a lot on your diesel or gasoline. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from using hydrogen fuel aside from its affordability. For one, it is a lightweight material and it only takes a small amount of the element to supplement the burning action of the fuel. Being a light element, it will help your engine to cool it down even when heat is used. Lastly, it creates lesser carbon buildup, thereby preventing your engine from developing any problems even when used frequently while producing a brown gas which is more environment-friendly.

Purchasing a Generator

Now that you know what is HHO generator and the benefits that it will provide to your vehicle, the next thing that you have to consider would be where to get this kind of device. Basically, you will purchase it as a kit which will then be installed in your vehicle. In order to continue its function, you will drain the HHO cell every six months and replenish it after.

Safe and Affordable

Installing a hydrogen gas generator is very easy and everyone can do it without major supervision. In addition, it will not compromise the quality of your engine as well as your vehicle. Car warranties will not be voided even if you install and HHO kit in your vehicle. With these aspects, you can increase the energy of your vehicle, save up on your fuel budget and even help the environment in becoming less polluted. Purchase your kit from a re[censored] ble seller and enjoy the advantages of using this sustainable device.

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