A look at specialist solicitors banking services including escrow and probate accounts.

Solicitors require specialist banking services for a number of reasons. Naturally solicitors need a personal account that suits their method of working but also their professional activities in many cases will also require banking of a specialised nature. Part of the reason behind this is because solicitors often hold client s money during instances such as exchanges of property and the distribution of estates. Property transactions mean that the solicitor will normally have some form of escrow account while estate management requires a probate account. The purpose of both these types of banking is that they mean the client s funds are held by an external party, one that has no vested interest in misusing funds.

The escrow account is one of the most widely used in the legal sphere. It is created to hold onto funds during a property transaction. The definition of an escrow is an agreement between client and solicitor that a third party will hold assets, be they property or funds, for safe keeping during the exchange of a property. In this instance the escrow company is there to act as a neutral body; holding the money until a certain contingency is met. Typically an escrow contract will be drawn up in consultation with both solicitor and clients; this contract will make it clear who is able to access the funds and the conditions that need to be met before the funds are released. Until these conditions are met the escrow banking firm have power of the funds and have a responsibility to hold them securely.

Escrow banking is prevalent all over the world. In the USA it is frequently used by real estate operators, as well as estate agents and solicitors, mortgage companies also utilise escrow banking to pay any relevant taxes and property insurance costs over the mortgage period. It is not just real estate transactions however, any large transaction, be it a business or even a website exchange can utilise an escrow account. Fundamentally an escrow account is needed whenever a neutral party is required in an exchange. The use of the escrow is also expansive in the UK; once again it is primarily concerned with the property industry, especially the private exchange of properties. An example would be when a deposit for a property must be held by solicitors until the transaction has been completed.

As previously mentioned there is another form of banking that is frequently used by solicitors, this is termed as probate accounting. The definition of probate is a legal process that is concerned with the distribution of a person s assets once they have left the mortal coil; in addition a probate also refers to the legal recognition of the rights of solicitors to distribute the deceased s wealth. A probate account then acts in very much the same was as the escrow variety, holding client money until it can be released by the solicitor. Understandably the funds must be held securely by a neutral party until the estate can be distributed by the executor. Fundamentally the third party needs to be neutral so that no misuse of funds occurs and either party, the client or solicitor is given access to the funds until they have been distributed in due legal process.

Hopefully this article has given the reader an idea of the types of solicitor banking services on offer. Both of these forms of account, the escrow and probate are created to ensure that funds are held securely and are not passed on to any other party until the various contingencies are met. Neutrality is key to ensure that no party is ever given an unfair advantage.

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The threat of identify fraud is on the rise and is often the consequence of you losing or having your purse or wallet stolen. Identity fraud is when another person deliberately assumes your identity normally with the idea to gain access to any money that you have. Information that is used in identity fraud includes your name, credit card number, social security number, driving license number, telephone number. Once thieves have access to these details, they are able to open credit card accounts, bank accounts, and make payments in your name. You may not find out that this has happened for a long time, and this will affect your credit rating.

It is therefore vital that you do your best to protect yourself from someone stealing your identity. Unfortunately, you can never be certain that your identity will never be stolen however, there is lots that you can do to protect yourself as much as possible.

We have gathered the best hints and tips for you to protect yourself and your identity.

1) One of the most important things that you can do is to make sure that you shred all documents that contain any personal information about you. This includes credit card and bank statements, but also utility bills, which criminals can also use. When buying a shredder you should invest in one that makes ‘confetti’ rather than strips of paper, since these are even more secure.

2) Don’t make your passwords easy to guess. When you have decided on a password try adding numbers and make the letters a mixture of capitals and lower case to make it more difficult for anyone to get it right.

3) Make sure that no one can have access to your mail. This may mean locking your mailbox but it has been shown that unprotected mailboxes account for about 8% of identity fraud.

4) Make sure that you only ever disclose personal information when you know how and why it is being used. Don’t be embarrassed to ask, everyone is aware of the problems of identity fraud and will be happy to help.

5) Keep copies of all drivers’ licenses, credit cards, bank details, and so on as well as the number you need to call when you have any of these lost or stolen. That way you can have these numbers handy if anything happens and the cards may be stopped.

6) When travelling it is an idea to have all important cards and documents to be photocopied. If you are travelling with someone else, why not ask him or her to carry these photocopies with them, and vice versa. This way if anything happens to your personal belongings, your companion will have the copies.

7) Make sure that you cancel credit cards as soon as you realise that it could be used fraudulently.

8) If you have your personal belongings stolen when travelling, file a report with the local police straightaway, as this will be the first step in any investigation.

9) Check any bank or credit accounts each time you receive a statement. It will be easier to keep track of what you have spent and will help you spot anyone using money from your account. If you contact your bank straight away they will be able to help you.

10) You can order a credit report each year and check these carefully for any mistakes or to see if there has been new credit issued that you did not request.

11) Take care when using ATM’s. Look around you to see if anyone can watch you type in your PIN number. Be aware of any attachments to the ATM that may steal information.

12) Never give out sensitive information in response to emails that are meant to be from your bank or financial provider.

13) If someone calls from your bank and asks for personal information don’t give it to them. If in doubt, ring back your bank to check if it was a genuine call.

More articles from this author can be found at http://www.identity-theft-center.com
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Nobody walks in LA. In “la la land” a car is a necessity, not a luxury. Renting a car in LA allows you to see all of the city’s sights, soak up the unique atmosphere and shop ’til you drop. The following is a guide to LA and the best way to spend your time here.

LAX Mini Guide:

Los Angeles International Airport is located 24km to the southwest of Los Angeles. The airport offers a good range of passenger services and facilities including shops, restaurants and banking facilities.

Things To See/Do in LA:

Think LA and Hollywood is one of the first places that springs to mind. ‘Hollyweird’ may be a more accurate description of the town where everything is bigger and better-from the 50ft high white letters welcoming visitors, to the mile-long ‘walk of fame’ that invites you to follow in the footsteps of glittering movie stars. Having caught the stardust in the air, you’ll be eager to make your way to West Hollywood to check out the homes of the rich and famous. After all that stargazing, a bit of R n R is called for. A trip to the beach is a must. Take your pick from the miles upon miles of sandy beaches along the Pacific Ocean. Malibu is one of the most popular beachside resorts for celebrities looking for peace and tranquillity. If you’re looking to get some retail therapy while you’re out and about, you’ll find Third Street promenade offers a lively pedestrian mall, brimming with buskers and street artists. For more of the same, get yourself down to Venice Beach. Here you’ll discover the clichéd images of the city in all their glory. Jugglers, artists, musicians and joggers are all to be found, as well as roller-bladers, cruising their way to Muscle Beach, the home of the world’s most famous outdoor gym.

Eating Out in LA:

LA boasts fantastic choice in terms of restaurants. With LA car hire, you’re free to drive from eatery to eatery, checking out the best menus along the way. Whether you’re craving elegant French cuisine, tasty Italian or good old-fashioned American fast food, you’ll be spoilt for choice when hunger strikes in this city.

Day Trips/Events in LA:

Los Angeles s a fantastic base from which to explore America’s west coast. Feeling a bit down in the mouth? Pack up the car and take a drive to “The Happiest Place on Earth”, aka-Disneyland. Disneyland isn’t the only theme park worth visiting though. One of Los Angeles’ most popular attractions is Universal Studios, where’ll find yourself transported to real-life film sets and colourful back-drops.

Los Angeles plays host to some of the world’s most colourful and exciting events. The city’s New Year’s Day parade features a fantastic spectacle of marching bands and flower powered floats. September’s Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival is one for the foodies, offering live entertainment and fun lobster-themed events. It may be Mexico’s National holiday, but Cinco de Mayo is celebrated with a bang in Los Angeles. The day marks the Mexican victory over the French in the battle of Puebla in 1862. Traditional dancing and merriment is to be found at special venues all over the city.

Fiona writes for Argus Car Hire, Argus Blog and Los Angeles Car Hire
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Is Your Elderly Parent Driving You Nuts?

By: Carolyn L. Rosenblatt, R. N., Attorney at Law

Caregiving can be a beautiful, though difficult experience. We love our parents, and want to help as they grow frail and less able to do for themselves. It is our last chance, at this part of their lives, to show love, to be loved and to help them as they once helped us when we were babies. But can they drive you a little crazy (or a lot) in the meantime? You bet!

For those who are caring for an aging parent with Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementia, the memory loss problems can lead to complete contradictions, irrational changes in behavior, and many repetitions. The parent may ask you the same question over and over, until you run out of patience answering it. She may accuse you of taking her money, her purse, or anything, until you pick it up from where she left it and show it to her. Then, maybe she’ll ask you for it again a few minutes later. This kind of problem faces most caregiving adult children who are trying to manage an elderly parent at home. How do you keep from blowing up?

Maybe you can’t and you lose patience sometimes. When you do, it’s a sign of your stress level, and part of your internal “guidance” that you need some relief. Where do you get it? Family, friends, and caregiving agencies are good sources for many. Even if you have a sibling who seldom helps, you may be able to persuade him or her to take Dad for a weekend, or a day. It won’t happen unless you ask, as the reluctant–to-help siblings never volunteer, do they? Many assisted living facilities offer “respite care”. That is, they will take care of your aging parent overnight, or for a few days, for a daily fee. The elder typically receives all meals and can participate in social activities offered. Arrangements must be made in advance, to be sure there is a room available.

Many homecare agencies will also place a worker with your aging parent for a day or even a few hours, to enable you to get a break. You need to research agencies in your area and find out about short term services, if long term help is not in the budget. When the budget is too tight to pay for help, seek relief through your local volunteer organizations, senior centers, churches, synagogues or community service groups. Asking for a volunteer to stay with your elderly parent can relieve the feeling of being overwhelmed, and allow you to take care of your own needs that so often get pushed aside in the caregiver’s life.

The National Family Caregiver Alliance, a nonprofit organization, is also a helpful resource, among many other resources on the internet. It provides support groups and even local retreats for caregivers through its offices in many cities across the country. The most important thing is to ask for help. Admit that this just gets to be too much sometimes. We all have limits. It may seem hard to get away, but it is as necessary as caring for Mom that the caregiver take time out to refresh and recharge those batteries.

© 2009, AgingParents.com, Carolyn L. Rosenblatt, R. N., Attorney at Law

http://AgingParents.com is the premier source of professional help, advice, and support for elderly aging parents, seniors, and elders regarding health, legal, psychological, care,and health care questions
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Today is the time when gap between rich and poor can be easily decreased by little savings made by poor. You can see so many examples where you would feel that poor people with less monthly income earning save more than what any other high-income earning person does. In earlier times, there was a famous saying that "The rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer" but in today's time, the famous saying is "the poor is becoming richer and the rich is becoming poorer".

What could be the reason behind this saying? It is very simple, in today's time, the poor people have their own aim and they know how much they have to save while it is otherwise with the richer ones. Rich people prefer to live in lavish life style and hence they do not have enough saving. A person can have good wealth only when he is able to save enough money and do some of the investments that could help him to have long term investments with regular and targeted incomes. Asset accretion is keyword that should be followed and pursuing asset accretion depends on the longevity of the investment. This is not very difficult as all you need to do is continuously invest little part of your income towards to build some good wealth. In this way, they get good benefit from cost per average no matter wherever the direction of price moves. It can be simply compared as once you invest regularly towards some wealth acquisition, and then there is decrease in average price than when you buy certain amounts of share at some time.

Those people who already have wealth can't make up greatly with the long-term advantage. If they make one time off investment, they can't reduce their total purchase price. Even if you split the investments in few parts then also no-good effects, goes on average cost reduction due to the narrow gap of investment interval. Those people who have an existing wealth also suffer from decreasing yield over time. http://Affluability.com is the site that will offer you simple images. Natures is the reason, which has put its own disparity among the rich and poor and this is the reason why it has been mentioned earlier that even if poor save and keeps aside simple amount he can save more than what the rich people do.

Poor people know the real condition they suffer from and hence they follow genuine degree of financial competence by following some of the correct approach towards the financial saving condition. This would seriously replace any kind of disparity between richer and poorer. The basic point that can do this is asset accretion and this is the social policy, which will help you to overcome the gap between rich people and poor ones. In schools, these kind of financial competence is never taught and one can learn these through common sense along with systematic thinking towards saving money. With these saving policies, everybody can become rich so start investing smaller portions now and gain through your investment.

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