Want a fun creative money making idea? Learn to make money writing articles like this one. In fact there are many folk who make whole lifestyles from writing articles and I'm not talking about professional writers in the author mould, I'm talking about normal everyday folk just writing articles and making money from home. Let you creative streak out, it's really quite easy.

Writing articles for money has become a popular way to make a home business whether its just a bit of extra cash or for that whole lifestyle. It is sometimes called 'bum marketing' although I believe there are some distinctions to be drawn on that point. Bum marketing is really a subset of the wider article writing sphere, targeted to specific niches. This strategy is often used by affiliates of various marketing programs. It involves targeting a particular product and a specific keyword or phrase that the affiliate sees some opportunity in for search engine listings. We'll come back to that in a moment.

Article writing in its wider sense can be thought of as the activity of writing articles for blogs and websites, or articles to be compiled into topical reports and ebooks to be sold on the net, and of course article writing can also for a website owner who wants a writer to create content for cash. Take a look at eLance.com to see the variety of demand for article writers.

If you intend making your living by it then get some practice first! While there is lots of opportunity and your articles don't have to be creative masterpieces, they do need to be informative and structured so as to lead readers to where you want them to go. You will need a little practice to get into a rhythm of producing good articles.

One rewarding way to practice is to go to Paydotcom.com or Clickbank.com and look through the various products there. Sign up for an affiliate account and then pick a product to write about. Pick something you already know is in demand and that maybe you have some basic knowledge on, though you can also pick something and research it a little. Find out what keywords folk re likely to be using when they are searching for such a product. Pick a phrase they use and write an article based around that phrase.

When your article is ready, post it on article directories or at Squidoo.com, Hubpages.com or other free websites like say Blogger.com. Try to make variations of it and post it to several of those sites. Include a link or two to your chosen affiliate product using the affiliate code you got when you signed up at Clickbank or wherever. Interlink some of the articles and pages so the search engines can find your articles and you'll get some readers.

When you have had a few sales this way you'll know you are starting to get things right! You'll soon find yourself picking all sorts of niche areas to write about and profit from! Even niches you never thought about before will start to look attractive enough to make you do a little research and article writing. Warning - earning commissions like that is highly addictive!

What is stopping you? Think you can't write well enough to make a shopping list? So did I once but this little article here took me about 20 minutes just now and articles I have just like it are making a little money every month. Check out the links below if you would like to know more.

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While the Pirate Bay case we wrote about is still in process let�s take a look at some ways of protecting digital rights. The two main examples here will be the actions of Sony Corporation, but at first some general things about Digital Rights Management. The various types of the digital rights management defense failed. Not because they were weak, but because it was very limiting for the owner of the protected files. You can move the files to another computer, but without a short online confirmation of license you can�t play it. You also can�t listen to the DRM protected music on your mp3 player. Compared to a license CD, this type of copyright protection makes the product basically unusable. Sony BMG made a really desperate and aggressive attempt to protect its products and that triggered multiple lawsuits and a large scandal in 2005. In 2000 Sony switched to a new aggressive strategy of Digital Rights Protection, the actual effects of this strategy were discovered in only five years after. On October 31, 2005 Mark Russinovich, a famous software engineer posted a message on his blog. He discovered a spyware program that was installed when you launched a Sony BMG license CD, the software was used to monitor the activity of your PC. These spyware programs were installed without any warning or any warning label on the box. It was not only a violation of privacy and human rights; the software also made numerous holes in the security of a computer and led to system crashes. Russinovich is one of the biggest Windows gurus in the world, so he was able to find the spyware in the system processes and determine where it came from and how it was installed. For a normal PC user it would be impossible. Sony recalled the spyware products and presented cleaning software on its websites. Still there multiple lawsuits were filled in the U.S. but this wasn�t the worst consequence of this case. The worst thing was that thousands of customers lost their trust to the Corporation. When you buy a licensed product you don�t expect to become a target of digital rights protection software or have your PC monitored by the label. Such things actually show how far the corporations would go in a desperate attempt to protect their incomes.

A more recent example of copyright protection can be found on the largest Russian torrent server � torrents.ru. The copyright laws in Russia are very weak so major companies like Sony have found another solution. A representative of the company is registered on the forum and monitors the activity. As soon as someone starts sharing some new video game or movie the representative contacts the administrators of the site and they remove it. In this case Sony is mainly protecting things like games for various Sony Play Station consoles. Old files remain untouched, so in this case it is some kind of a democratic solution.

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While there are personal trainers who have earned success in their own right, there are still others who are left way behind. The truth is if you do not find a way to multiply your income stream, your pay as a personal trainer may not be enough. That is the reality. In which case, you have to find other ways to bring the cash in such as offering supplements.

Working as a personal trainer in a fitness center, you may be obliged to push some products and encourage your clients to take supplements. In some cases, this may be seen as a drawback to the job. But you can also treat it as necessary training for sharpening your sales and marketing skills. In fact, you can push for these kinds of products beyond the confines of the fitness center and here is how you can do it.

Be accessible online.

One of the first things you need to take care of is a website or a blog. This way, you do not limit yourself to the prospects you come into personal contact with. It is a great way to expand your network and reach as many people as you can. Through this, you can make yourself known.

Offer valuable information.

Before you can enjoy the benefits of your online efforts, you have to start by establishing a re[censored] tion. You can do this by writing informative articles about personal training. Health and fitness offers a huge market. And this market hungers for information from experts such as what you can offer. So, hand it to them.

Do not forget to promote your blog or website. Parti[censored] te in forums, be active in social media and make your presence known in the online community. As your name becomes recognizable, it gets much easier to make money.

Reach out to more people.

When you come into contact with people outside your usual circle, do not forget to take their contact information. A list is very important if you want to venture online. As a certified personal trainer, you already have an edge. Use it to your full advantage. Offer real value in the information you share so it gets much easier to encourage your prospects to sign up for you.

Choose the right supplements.

Supplementation can help your clients get better results. And there are countless of products to choose from. Be careful in selecting the products you endorse. Remember that it is your re[censored] tion on the line. Pick what works best with your training methods and techniques, one which your clients can really benefit from.

Associate yourself with the right affiliate company.

You cannot only earn selling information products, you also have the opportunity to get paid in commissions and enjoy passive income through an affiliate program. But you have to be mindful about your selection of affiliate companies too. As much as possible, study the opportunity well and research about the company thoroughly. If you really want to make money, choose a company that have excellent supplements and can offer long term business relationship.

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Ford UK has increased output by 50% on engine production lines at its Dagenham plant using sophisticated analysis of data captured from machining operations.

Software that constantly monitors the performance and status of hundreds of machine tools on its engine production lines has enabled Ford to produce an engine block every 38 seconds, reorganise staffing patterns and reduce headcount by about 75%.

Analysts said companies outside the motor manufacturing sector could learn from Ford's approach to technology.

"By collecting detailed information about your good and bad days you can find out what combination of factors enable you to do better," said Simon Bragg, an analyst with ARC Consulting. "It is a simple, practical way of continuously improving and has implications for any sector where you can monitor processes - as, for example, call centres are beginning to do - and see how a task affects overall performance."

The Posmon software, which was developed in-house using Visual Basic, C and Factorylink, provides real-time and historical analysis of machining operations, alerting staff to problems and production bottlenecks by visual alert and radio pager alarms.

Posmon is connected to Ford's intranet, enabling historical analysis of machine performance and downtimes by any authorised person from plant engineers to executives in the US.

Real-time alerts let staff quickly identify problems, rank machine performance and prioritise issues so that the line can be kept working at optimum efficiency.

Mo Pervez, IT consultant for plant floor systems at Ford, said, "Without data we cannot understand what is happening in the manufacturing process. Through historical reporting we discovered that smaller events were causing bigger problems - that it was not just one machine with one big fault but six or seven with smaller faults that were affecting production the most."

Posmon is a key plank of Ford's Process Operating System method of electronically enabling manufacturing operations.

IT on Ford's Dagenham production line

Ford produces 3,000 diesel engines a day at Dagenham for the Transit, Focus, Mondeo and Galaxy vehicles.

Posmon software monitors the production lines that carry out machining operations on the castings which form the main engine components. Each line, which can be up to 1km long, comprises dozens of machines carrying out automated operations on engine castings as they pass through.

Thousands of sensors, registering cycle times, blockages, waiting times, emergencies and tool changes, are picked up by Posmon via Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers at each machining operation. These are linked by a data exchange device running NT4 to the Ford intranet and the Posmon server (IBM Netfinity/NT4) and its database (Oracle/HP9000/HP-UX).

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Ian Hugo asks, is the ASP bubble about to burst?

Having ASPs provide applications as and when needed to your desktop sounds like a great idea. No more struggling to keep up with the latest releases, no more problems with service or paying for applications you don't use. But... well, there are a lot of buts.

Ask yourself what the attraction behind the hype really is: cost, service, support or what? As far as I can see, better support is the only real benefit on offer and even that could be doubtful.

Let's look at cost. With an ASP (Application Service Provider) you rent the use of an application rather than buy it outright. For users to sign up, the cost is going to have to look cheaper on paper - but will it be? The likes of Microsoft and Oracle are all busily setting themselves up for rental revenues and when did you last hear of them switching to less profitable revenue streams?

Moreover, since the principal target market is SMEs, sales will be through distribution channels, which means the revenue being split several ways. But an ASP deal means you can't just sell and then forget the customer. And what does the user do with their existing purchase licences? Just write them off? Sure, ASPs will keep you up to date with new releases, but how many SMEs really need them and the cost of them?

So let's look at service. Where are the problems now? Is software difficult to install? Not usually. Most difficulties arise from setting up data and procedures and in inadequate training. Does an ASP deal help there? Not unless the ASP or its agent picks up a consultancy deal to help with setup and training. And what does that do to cost, other than make true costs explicit?

The other general fault with service is failure to sustain the application as needed. A good ASP may do that better than a poor internal IT function but the ASP faces an additional risk through the network connection. A reasonable internal IT function ought to be able to do at least as well.

And what happens if you're unhappy with the application when you get it? Much was made a few years ago of the St Albans vs ICL court case where the court's opinion was that software could in certain circumstances be regarded as goods and thus subject to the provisions of the Sale Of Goods Act. So you might have recourse in law for an application that was not of 'satisfactory quality' under the terms of the Act.

That, though, can't apply to software downloaded electronically.

Which leaves us with support. Support is undoubtedly both the main attraction for users and the critical success factor for ASPs. The notion of 'no worries', particularly for IT, will always be attractive to business users. However, the same could be said of outsourcing and some very painful lessons have been learned in that field. Moreover, the notion of the USP (Universal Service Provider) is now around: a one-stop shop for all your applications - in other words, an ASP that can provide excellent support for all applications anyone in its market needs. I doubt it.

I think ASPs will be a useful alternative channel for the provision of some applications. But as the answer to every business manager's prayer it is probably overdue for the same treatment as other brave new worlds have recently been receiving.

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