Today is the time when gap between rich and poor can be easily decreased by little savings made by poor. You can see so many examples where you would feel that poor people with less monthly income earning save more than what any other high-income earning person does. In earlier times, there was a famous saying that "The rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer" but in today's time, the famous saying is "the poor is becoming richer and the rich is becoming poorer".

What could be the reason behind this saying? It is very simple, in today's time, the poor people have their own aim and they know how much they have to save while it is otherwise with the richer ones. Rich people prefer to live in lavish life style and hence they do not have enough saving. A person can have good wealth only when he is able to save enough money and do some of the investments that could help him to have long term investments with regular and targeted incomes. Asset accretion is keyword that should be followed and pursuing asset accretion depends on the longevity of the investment. This is not very difficult as all you need to do is continuously invest little part of your income towards to build some good wealth. In this way, they get good benefit from cost per average no matter wherever the direction of price moves. It can be simply compared as once you invest regularly towards some wealth acquisition, and then there is decrease in average price than when you buy certain amounts of share at some time.

Those people who already have wealth can't make up greatly with the long-term advantage. If they make one time off investment, they can't reduce their total purchase price. Even if you split the investments in few parts then also no-good effects, goes on average cost reduction due to the narrow gap of investment interval. Those people who have an existing wealth also suffer from decreasing yield over time. is the site that will offer you simple images. Natures is the reason, which has put its own disparity among the rich and poor and this is the reason why it has been mentioned earlier that even if poor save and keeps aside simple amount he can save more than what the rich people do.

Poor people know the real condition they suffer from and hence they follow genuine degree of financial competence by following some of the correct approach towards the financial saving condition. This would seriously replace any kind of disparity between richer and poorer. The basic point that can do this is asset accretion and this is the social policy, which will help you to overcome the gap between rich people and poor ones. In schools, these kind of financial competence is never taught and one can learn these through common sense along with systematic thinking towards saving money. With these saving policies, everybody can become rich so start investing smaller portions now and gain through your investment.

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