Job descriptions are vital not just in the work field but also in job applications. The employer must be able to point out your qualifications as a person and as a possible employee in their company. Make your job description as simple and as concise as possible. Simplicity is the name of the game together with the striving applicants. When you write complicated job descriptions, the employer will not be able to understand your what you are really capable of; hence, he will most likely dispose your application form. When that happens, he will call on the next applicant and your game is over.

Take note that your aim in making job descriptions is to have a clear outline of duties and responsibilities to make the application process as direct and as simple as possible. It is a good practice to have a standard format for your job description, and to keep it updated once in a while so that you do not have to undergo the perplexity of making one from scratch.

There are required elements that should be included in your job description. Here are the elements that should be included in making your job description simple, with a brief overview of each.

• Job Boarders – This is the parameter or limitation of the job you are applying to. It must answer the how, who, what, where, and when of the work. How will the work be executed? Who does it report to? What is the job title, as well as the department? Where is the job located? (When necessary) And what or during when is the schedule, the days and hours, of the position? Acquainting yourself and your employer of these kinds of information will make an impression that you really know what you are applying for.

• Responsibilities – This is where you will describe the specific roles of the position. If you can point out the tasks that are to be accomplished here, you will be going a long way toward being a responsible worker and being.

• Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – This is often described as your qualifications. But what you are really trying to communicate are your specific skills, required knowledge and special abilities necessary for the position you are applying for.

• Salary and Benefits – This is where you include your expected salary range. Whether or not this is a salary or hourly position and is there any fringe benefits beyond the standard employee benefits package.

• Optional Element – Elements like expectations gives the employer a good idea of what you are expecting from this position.

These elements are the important once to be included when applying for a job. Every employee or worker, from every walks of industries, must be able to understand their functions in their fields. They can fully understand these when they reviewed the simple yet informative job descriptions. Be always on top of the game and the employers that you can do the job requirements precisely.

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