In any activity that we are involved in, there is always a particular gadget for doing that job at one point or the other. This makes tools to be among the most important investment that any business makes. Shops have small and large tools for various business activities for which they need proper tool inventory control.

Although most shops have equipment cribs, none provides the needed management that shops require. Effective control is vital to ensure that the tools of any business are carefully watched and managed. If a business does not have effective management, then it would incur losses due to losses.

There are various software programs to aid one in to maintaining proper inventory for a business enterprise for effective management. This software checks all equipment out of the premises and is preferable to a manual system as it is faster and makes fewer mistakes.

In such a system, each piece of equipment is assigned an encoded bar code and a bar code scanner that documents exit of each equipment from the premises. This will require at least one employee to operate the bar code reader but the employee only has to do this when the gadget is leaving the premises and can then get back to their work.

This kind of automated system is widely available in the market from a variety of vendors and software companies at affordable prices. There are also free trial versions available for use before buying later.

This tracking allows you to keep track of the location of your equipment. It is used in conjunction with a hardware component that is usually attached to each gadget. The hardware is usually Global Positioning System enabled and can then be picked up anywhere on the globe by satellites. This allows you to combat theft of your tools.

It is possible to quickly and easily determine what is where, when and with whom using this system. Other capabilities include limiting who can touch or handle what tool, when and where by shutting off some functionality.

On the other hand, a manual management system can be quite time consuming and unreliable. It requires multiple teams of employees to document the flow of tools and to confirm that the documentation is correct. An automated system eliminates all that by combining all these tasks into one operation. This eliminates all unnecessary people in the work. Daily reports are automatically produced that managers can use to verify exactly what has been done during the day.

Systems can be found freely available as freeware and shareware on the internet. As such various forms of businesses can access the products online. However, it also true that these shareware and freeware programs are easily hacked and this leaves your tools open to theft. They have multiple weak points and back doors that hackers can exploit.

Proper tool tracking, especially if automated, will establish a good tracking system for a shop and this will be good for business asset management. However, there are supposed to be proper protocols that employees should follow before releasing the tools out of the premises.

ToolHound provides a powerful Tool Inventory Control and Tool Management Software maximizing tool and equipment utilization.
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