In this article I discuss the different way of promoting your business or organization with promotional umbrellas.

Promotional umbrellas are seen everywhere: at trade shows, outdoor charity events, on the golf course and on every main street. Promo umbrellas are by no means a new idea but have you ever wondered where they all come from? Perhaps you are considering using these top promotional gifts for your business or organization. Here I would like to tell you how and where to source these excellent promotional products as well as how they might be used for promotion.

Promotional umbrellas are usually supplied by business gift suppliers who specialize in printing logos onto hundreds of different products. You can find suppliers in the Yellow Pages or online but companies with a strong web presence are more likely to be offering the best deals.

Promo umbrellas are great promoters because they can be seen by many people from short or long distances promoting your brand all along the way. For this reason, promotional umbrellas are becoming increasingly popular as corporate gifts. Businesses are handing them out to visitors to their trade show stands, on the golf course and at business meetings.

Having corporate umbrellas printed with your logo is great for initiating conversations as well. Picture this. One of your clients takes out your promotional umbrella while golfing with friends. His friends ask where he got the umbrella and the conversation about you and your company is off! This could lead to new sales leads and business for you. Give out a lot of umbrellas and this could be a lot of free advertising for you and your business.

Good quality promotional umbrellas are more expensive than your average promotional pen or mouse mat but they serve a completely different purpose. They are often needed and work as a walking billboard for your company. Umbrellas should be seen as one of many different promotional gifts you hand out to your clients to ensure your brand is in sight as often as possible. Other inexpensive gifts you might like to consider are promotional mugs, pens and keyrings as all of these serve a purpose and are used regularly which will compliment your umbrella gift.

Many businesses like to color coordinate their promotional gifts and with promotional umbrellas this is very easily done. The better quality umbrellas are available with mix-n-match parts so you can really design how you want it to look. If you are already giving away promotional pens with blue clips, red barrels and whit tips, for example, you might like to design your promotional umbrellas in the same way.

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