The weather conditions good and it?s your weekend off work, where better to spend your free time than sitting outside experiencing the sunshine. To make the most of your time and effort off in the garden you will definitely require some good quality garden furniture. Because there is so much choice today, it could be hard knowing which to select, which is going to give you years of service and at the same time be practical and low maintenance?

To start out transforming your garden into something that you never got before, decide on first on the materials that you think isbest suited plus the exact quantity of them that you prefer. One more thing you should look at is whether or not you are going to be leaving your furniture out over summer and winter, will you bring it in and possibly use it in a sunroom or do you got enough space for storage to get it away. With these things in mind you can start to make your choice.

The 4 most familiar materials used for garden furniture are; plastic/resin, wood, metal and rattan/wicker. They each have their own features and benefits.

Plastic or resin enjoys the benefit of being long lasting and very simple to keep, usually very light-weight thus making it simple to bring round the garden. Plastic furniture is commonly at the lower end price range. Its downside is that it tends not to lend itself to an interior setting and you?re going to need soft cushions or else put up with a sweaty back and behind. This type of furniture can be left outside all year round.

Metallic furniture is also durable and long lasting but will need maintenance particularly if the paintwork gets damaged or nicked. It is easily cleaned and with some good designs you can use it indoors.\If you are planning to get something that you can easily transport from one area to another, you can pick metal furniture for maximum use. The problem with metal furniture is that it can look a little weak as manufacturers try to keep the weight down and make it extra portable. Metal can be awkward but provides you with durability so long as it is well maintained. It is slightly more expensive than plastic material and the array of varieties are also limited. As long as it is well maintained this can also be left outside anytime.

Wooden garden furniture is probably the most in-demand. Due to its natural visual appearance, solid wood tends to have a warmth and enticing feel to it that definitely lends itself to the outdoors. Hardwoods such as teak wood and mahogany will last up to 25 years with little care; expect around 10 years from pine furniture. Simple to care for and move around solid wood has endless designs that will look good either indoors or outdoors. Hardwoods will certainly be more expensive than softwood. Softwood will require storing but hardwoods can be put outside.

Rattan, wicker is the term given to the weave instead of the material. If you need to leave rattan garden furniture outside then it is easier to select the artificial type, if you need a true dual purpose furniture that you can use inside as well and only be use in good weather then all-natural rattan is among the most common choice. Rattan comes in both contemporary and standard styles, it is light-weight and easy to maintain and perhaps the best value for money being in the mid range price bracket.

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