If anything that is valuable and tough in the arena of entrance exams, perhaps the CAT entrance exam would secure the highest rank. In India, this test is conducted every year in the month of November to secure the CAT score, for taking admissions into the Indian Institutes of management spread out in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi and few other places where they have been newly established.

Apart from the IIMs, the CAT score also makes a person eligible for taking admissions into the so called CAT colleges. These are colleges which accept the score as a criterion for the admissions. Some of such colleges keep the interview round as their criteria of selection and students can forego the written exams. On pen and paper, this seems quite easy and simple, but the actual CAT exam is far from being a cakewalk.

Thousands and even more number of students take up the CAT preparations for appearing in the entrance exams. Few of them make it through to the prestigious colleges while the others tend to go for the CAT colleges. When asked from the toppers and other successors about the key to crack CAT, it is sure to get a response that regular study and thorough coverage of the CAT syllabus is a must for their success. Some might give a different version, but the basic fact of hard work remains common to everyone.

For many students, the exam holds a lot of importance and has always been held with high esteem. The value of the exam is so much that some of them become ardent fans of CAT and appear till they succeed. But, on the whole, people need to cover the CAT syllabus quite thoroughly by continuously practising questions and solving as much as possible the CAT mock tests. Such CAT mock tests are sets of question papers with patters which have been coming in previous years.

With such a practice, they tend to have a mastery of the time management which is very essential. There are a limited number of questions within a limited time period. In the present year, the students will have to answer 2 sections with 30 questions each within a total time of 140 minutes, which is for many a race against time. But people have made it possible, and that too by the dint of practising the CAT mock tests. These are necessary because the mock tests help in CAT preparations by acclimatizing with the conditions of the exams and set their hands in the right speed.

The worth of the exams of CAT is well known to every student, particular those who are ardent management aspirants. Everyone dreams of getting through one of the colleges. But as luck would have it, some of the students get through easily while many others have to toil for it. With prospects very bright after passing out from the CAT colleges, the exam is in high demand and students are appearing from different streams to create a secure future for themselves.

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