The usual way to search for vacation accommodations is to look for hotels and motels in the city or region that you are going to visit. The hotel or motel rooms that you might find in this way are often expensive and just don’t feel like “home.” There is however, another way to both save money and get more comfortable and convenient accommodations.

I’ll give you an example of how to do this. Recently I was attending a music festival near the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park, near Los Angeles. I went with some friends and we were trying to save money, so on the first night we stayed in a motel. The room was cramped and not particularly attractive, and the breakfast fare was the predictable cereal and waffles found at every other motel in the USA.

The next day, one of my web savvy friends borrowed my laptop and went to work. He found that we could rent a beautiful home with a spectacular view of the desert for not much more than we were paying for out motel room. He contacted the owner of the house by email, made a payment online and the next night we checked into a spacious home that was much more pleasant than the motel room. On top of this, the rental home was much closer to festival venue than the motel, because all the motels in the surrounding area were fully booked.

On another trip I was invited by friends to watch the autumn leaves in the Great Smokey Mountains near Asheville, NC and again found myself in a luxurious rental home with space and comfort that far exceeded any hotel room that I have ever stayed in.

Wherever you travel you can do this. For example, are you planning to take your family to visit Disney World? If so, just check online and you will find that you can rent accommodations ranging from small condominiums to luxury villas. For as little as $115 per night you can rent a three bedroom home with high speed Internet, a private pool and spa. This is just one example of what you may find. Prices vary according to the size of the rental and in places like Florida, according to the season when you make your vacation.

The rental homes and rooms are furnished with fresh linens and ready for you to move into. Some of the properties are managed by professional firms and others are rented out by individual owners who are earning a bit of extra income while they are away on their own vacations.

Give it a try on your next vacation or business visit. Go online and look for vacation rentals in the area where you intend to stay. Compare the prices of the rental homes and rooms with those of conventional hotels and motels and you will see the economic advantages. To discover the difference in comfort and convenience you will have to try it once. I am pretty certain that after one experience you will do it again and again.

Janice McSherry writes frequently about Florida tourism. She is the proprietor of . Visit her website for great deals on Florida Vacation Rentals
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